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Headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico, we are an International Consulting firm with specialized services in the Security and Logistics industry. We provide comprehensive solutions for international corporations, private non-profit charity organizations, individual investors, growing countries, and business companies looking to grow and expand in high-risk environments, remote areas, and emerging markets.

Fortress has firsthand experience integrating leading-edge technology into compliance solutions in foreign markets. Our knowledge of security and IT systems allows clients to detect, identify, and respond to events quickly, saving time and money. Our relationships with industry leaders provide us direct access to the most advanced access control, security, and tracking equipment available.

At Fortress Global, we are your allies and are ready to use our extensive knowledge, market insights, and services to help make your vision a reality.



What We Do


Most organizations will wait until they face a major threat before conducting a risk assessment. By this time, the group has not only lost revenue but may have also taken a hit to their reputation and harmed customer trust. The most extreme risks could pose an existential threat to the business itself. Failing to identify risks and create a risk management plan could be the most expensive decision an organization ever makes. In many places, regular risk assessments are legally mandated.

Fortress Global has built upon and adapted the most advanced threat and vulnerability assessment methodologies to create a system that more effectively meets our client’s needs. Unlike traditional risk assessment vendors, Fortress Global makes use of advanced technology to identify, assess, and report on risks. Further, our experience and advanced technology allows us to craft impactful risk mitigation strategies and follow up with our clients to ensure implementation.

A vulnerability and risk assessment is only useful if it is easy to understand and provides common sense recommendations and implementation strategies. Fortress Global differentiates itself in that we offer digital dashboards and visually impactful reports that are both quicker to digest and easier to understand that traditional reports. We want to ensure that everyone in an organization can understand how to improve their security, and we have invested in the tools and technology to make that a reality.

We understand that identifying and mitigating risks should be an ongoing process, not a one-off service. We help our clients design effective strategies to reassess and reevaluate their security posture on a regular basis to stay ahead of emerging threats. Furthermore, Fortress Global offers our clients a real return on investment. Often, we can identify strategies and technologies that will save our clients money while simultaneously mitigating risks.


Both public and private organizations face many challenges in the developing world. Fortress Global provides our clients with a suite of products and services to ensure they can take advantage of opportunities and mitigate risks in difficult environments. We support projects during their full lifecycle through physical and remote consulting and advisory services. Our tools help organizations identify, gather, and verify the accuracy of any pre-existing data in challenging markets, providing clarity and ease the decision-making process.

  • Market Entry Consulting: We have the knowledge to guide you efficiently so you can get the most out of every opportunity.
  • Market Intelligence: Fortress Global has the ability to provide valuable research to answer complex questions, such as the approximate domestic demand for products or services, and the inner workings of local government bodies and institutions.
  • Local Partner Search and Vetting: We can help you identify and vet local partners in any market, who may be interested in building a relationship with you.
  • Advocacy with Governments and Community Groups: Fortress Global maintains strong relationships with top government officials. We use these relationships to advocate on your behalf.
  • Travel Facilities, Security, and Logistical Support: We ease the traveling process for you, so you don’t have to worry about visas or how to move around.
  • Business Incorporation and Foundation Support: We work alongside skilled local attorneys to make the process of incorporation easier.


It is our job to ensure that every aspect of your organizations needs is well taken care of. Our thorough research ranges from political sensitivities to economic atmospheres in foreign countries, to ensure that there are plenty of opportunities and areas for your organization to succeed.

We extract and analyze risks that may impact your organizations objectives in a developing nation’s political and economic environment. Unlike other commercial off the shelf country risk assessments, we work to understand your organizations specific mission and tailor our research and reporting to address your specific needs.

Risk is not static, and neither is our risk analysis and reporting. We provide continuous risk monitoring and provide regular reports on new and emerging risks. Understanding the complex and changing environment in which your organization works allows you to adapt to emerging threats and overcome challenges before they pose an existential threat to your organization or mission.


At Fortress Global, we make sure that you are well taken care of at all times by providing security experts and quality-driven professional services to maintain your safety and protection. Our tailored protective measures can be used in any domestic or international travel for you and your team’s peace of mind.

Our experienced and professionally trained security team is prepared to assess and analyze any situation in high-risk regions and remote areas. We arrange car services with secured armed drivers, protection details using armored and non-descript vehicles, trusted corporate aviation, and top-notch technology to get you from point A to point B without hiccups.


Fortress Global makes use of advanced technology to develop detailed and accurate mapping and surveying products for our clients. Fortress Global is capable of deploying hardware and software to the field to produce highly accurate photogrammetric and LiDAR maps and surveys. We offer fully customized solutions to our clients and can source additional technology when necessary to ensure we provide a product that offers the most utility to our clients. Our clients value the speed at which we can deploy the technology, acquire the data, and produce accurate results. Furthermore, Fortress Global can integrate mapping and surveying products into GIS mapping software such as ArcGIS and provide our clients with cloud-based access to their data.

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